I’d like to tell you that the company was founded in Silicon Valley with some venture capitalists at a dinner soiree but (at least for now) that would be a lie.  Something far more average was the basis for the beginning of Binary Works.  It did however  involve a tropical location, a pool and a week’s worth of Objective C Coding.


The tropical locale was Costa Rica, the Pool belonged to a small travel resort and the desire was one to learn a new language to build an app to help my friends who were into running do it more safely.  The rest as they say is history.  Within 3-4 months of that day I had an app in front of the app review team at Apple.  More followed after that and while none of them were ever easy (and often ended in rejections) – they did start to find a rhythm.

Today I have had the good fortune to have 5 apps available in the app store with another one the way.  Unfortunately not all of my coding is done beside a pool in the tropics  but I do get by :)


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