Gratitude is a global network of people just like you who journal the things in their lives that they are Grateful for.

The app allows you to open a small window into the lives of others and lets you see what they appreciate on a daily basis.

We believe that our app can make you happier and more appreciative in your own life. By spending a few minutes each day seeing what the community is thankful for, as well as sharing the people and things in your own life for which you are grateful, our app will help you transform your outlook.


    How Does The App Work?

Gratitude is a social network with a simple premise: each post needs to begin with the text – “Today I’m Grateful for…”. Studies have shown that taking a few thankful moments to reflect on the things and people in our world helps us feel better and live more fulfilled lives.

Cherry from describes the app like this in her review:

Praise for Gratitude Stream.

Are you ready to join the community? Jump in – we’ve saved a spot just for you!

Download from the app store here.


See a selection of  Tweets now on the Gratitude network:

#gratitudetheapp Tweets

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